Brown Kraft Paper Salad Bowl

Brown kraft paper salad bowls are made from premium virgin kraft paper and poly coated from the inside, making them sturdy, durable, greasy resistant and leak-proof. These paper bowls are not only perfect for frozen or chilled foods such as salad, sulbing, crushed ice, gelato and ice cream, but also for serving hot foods like pasta, rice, noodles and stir fry. OPS lids with a diameter of 150mm provide a secure and safe seal. Prices include lids. We could customise the size, material weight, coatings and print of the bag according to your requirements.
· Size
· Raw Materials
300-337 gsm Brown Kraft Paper Board
· Color
  • Brown
· Coating
A layer of different material covering the inside and/or outside of the product for particular functional purposes
Single PE Coating (Inner Coating)
· Lid Option
PP Lid / OPS Lid/ PET Lid/ Brown Kraft Paper Lid
Technical Data
Paper Salad Bowls
Plain / Customisable
Customisation MOQ
Minimum order quantities for customised products
Pieces Per Carton
Pieces Per Sleeve
Carton Dimensions (mm)
Please consult us
Carton Gross Weight(kg)
Greaseproof - Waterproof - Stackable - Compostable - Recyclable - Customisable
1. Poly-lined inner for great Greaseproof & Waterproof performance 2. Compostable & Recyclable & Reusable 3. Freezer or Refrigerator Friendly 4. Stackable for easy storage or carry around. Handy and versatile.
This is perfect for
Takeaway - Bento - Don - Rice - Fried Dish - Salad - Fish&Chips