Weihao strives to provide our customers with affordable and eco-friendly disposable food packaging.  Our major products include paper bags, paper bowls, rectangular/square meal containers, paper straw, beverage cups etc. Our products are made from compostable, renewable or recyclable virgin materials, including kraft paper, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp and aluminium foil. People love the look and feel of our premium products, as well as being part of a sustainable economy. Customization available.


Wellhao established its headquarters in 2013 and has its operational bases in Xiamen, China.  Weve been very passionate about our eco-friendly catering disposables including hot and cold drink cups, takeout paper bags, meal boxes and other food containers.

Functionality and Design

Weihao puts your packaging needs as our first priority. On top of functionality, the aesthetically pleasing designs of Weihao packaging will help you build your brand visibility.

Environmental-friendly and Sustainable

Weihao cares and invests in material research and technical innovations. We are dedicated to develop, manufacture and supply our customers with compostable or recyclable packaging products. Weihao supports and devotes itself to environmental protection and sustainable economy.

Hygiene and Safety

As a trustworthy food packaging supplier, Weihao uses only food-grade raw materials and manufactures in our dust-free factory. Weihao makes sure we supply hygienic food packaging that is safe for direct food contact.

Well present your food products/ Build your brand visibility / Enhance your customers' experience
                            With 20+ years of know-how in the food packaging industry, We make sure we gain a thorough understanding of your packaging needs and supply you with the best packaging solution that makes your products and brand stand out of the crowd!


Weihao has worked with brands of every size, from small businesses to global chains. Premium product quality and customer service has earned us a reputation far and wide. 

Fast turn-around time! Quality Products!
Danny from Chatime
Purchase Manager
reliable supplier
Trace from Bonbon Bakery
At Wellhao, we manufacture and supply an extensive range of foodservice packages made from compostable and recyclable materials. Our products include beverage cups, meal containers. takeaway bags, cutlery and more.
Jhon Terry
Company manager